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Eureka! Expeditionary Systems Video

BATLite® vs Concrete Blocks

September 28, 2017

How badass is BATLite®? See for yourself when BATLite® takes on a series of concrete blocks — and continues to shine while it leaves them all in the dust. And there’s a series of unedited videos for those skeptics who want to see every second of punishment that BATLite® had to endure!
Mark Deuser

People to know in manufacturing: Mark Deuser

March 17, 2017

BATLite, LLC President and CEO, Mark Deuser, provides his experience and input on working in the manufacturing industry.

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BATLite Shelter Lighting Patent

BATLite Receives Recognition

September 20, 2013

It’s official! Today we received recognition that US Patent 8,491,155 B1 has been awarded for our solid state shelter lighting system. Congratulations to the entire BATLite® team for leading the way in the paradigm shift toward a more robust and efficient LED lighting solution.

BATLite Business First 2010 Article

Techshot prepares to mass-produce LED lighting system

March 1, 2010

Techshot Inc. has developed a lighting system for the U.S. Army that is expected to lead to a new revenue stream and possibly a manufacturing spinoff.

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BATLites in Tent

Greening the Armed Forces

October 5, 2010

The American military, facing increasing insurgent attacks on fuel supply convoys in Pakistan and Afghanistan, is pushing aggressively to develop, test and deploy renewable technologies to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels.

Shelter Lighting

LED lights use solid-state technology that dramatically reduces electricity requirement compared with conventional or fluorescent bulbs; using them saves fuel by promoting energy efficiency. The Marines have purchased LED lights from TechShot, an Indiana-based company, that has designed LED shelter lights for inside tents that are lightweight and work well in a wide range of temperatures and will last for 100,000 hours — essentially doing away with the necessity to change bulbs. The system will be used in Afghanistan this month.

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