Truly Badass Features

  • Developed by the Army and Techshot for energy efficient shelter lighting applications.
  • Optimized for expeditionary and sustainment missions.
  • Operates from portable AC generators or other AC power sources.
  • Extraordinary rugged construction.
  • Ultra-shock / vibration resistant.
  • Extremely long life (Should last about 12 years under normal use).
  • Ultra-energy efficient (Uses about 60% less energy than fluorescent light).
  • Low EMI emission (MIL STD 461).
  • Tiny cube and very lightweight (Each light weighs just 1.95 lbs).
  • Broadest temperature operating range (-48°F — +148°F).
  • Broadest voltage operating range (90-250v; 50-60hz).
  • Operates under widely varying portable generator voltages / currents.
  • Fully-sealed construction / design (built to be impervious to water and last practically forever).
  • Each kit contains lights, master controller, velcro mounting straps and an extension cord.
  • Easy and quick installation in shelters.
  • Very low profile and flexible arrangement.
  • Each individual light is fully / independently/separately on / off / blackout controllable.
  • Simple control through one regular switch or through a central override switch.
  • Available with either blue-blackout or red-blackout.
  • Illumination / lumen levels meet MIL-STD-1472F (service areas).
  • Each light properly illuminates about 25 square feet.
  • Configure multiple ways, in clusters or in rows with up to 5’ intervals between lights.
  • 60 Lights may be strung together. An unlikely failure of any BATLite light does not impact others.
  • Available as single lights or in kits (Master Control Switch is included in each kit).
  • Awarded U.S. Patent and National Stock Numbers for all BATLite® products.
  • 1-Year Warranty.

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